Customers can register for the E-membership at our store for only RM 12 per year or RM 30 for 3 years.





  1. This E-membership is issued and managed by MRKB Agency.
  2. The MRKB MEMBER Apps is not a credit app or e-wallet.
  3. This membership is not transferable and is exclusive to the person registered.
  4. Employees of MRKB Agency are not allowed to use their MRKB MEMBERSHIP during working hours and stricty not on customer purchases.
  5. The members must mention their NRIC number or show their membership QR in their member apps to the cashier before any transaction to ensure that the spending amount is recorded and accumulated. Failure to do so, the amounts spent will not be taken into account for discounts or points accumulation.
  6. MRKB Agency reserves the right to omit, add or amend the MRKB E-MEMBERSHIP Loyalty Programme Terms and Conditions without prior notice. Any new or amended Terms and Conditions will override the existing MRKB E-MEMBERSHIP Loyalty Programme Terms and Conditions.
  7. MRKB AGENCY have the right to revoke the membership without prior notice if any of the terms and conditions breached.



  1. Earn MRKB Member Points worth 2% every time you shop at our store.
  2. For every Ringgit spent, you will be entittled 1 point.
  3. Members are entitled for 10% discount on all items except for printer, cartridges, ream papers, JAIS textbooks, rubber stamps,  foods/sweets and offer/nett priced items.
  4. Members can  redeem 500 points for RM 10.00.
  5. Minimum redemption point = 500 points
  6. Minimum redemption amount = RM 10.00